Thursday, November 27, 2008

Rain wreaks havoc!!!!!

Today morning when I saw the papers it read!!

Incessant rains throw Chennai out of gear - The Hindu Business Line

Rains lash Chennai for the third day - The Times of India

Rain cripples life in Chennai - The Hindu

Every paper seemed to carry the same message.

Who would have imagined that in a metro like ours things would have gotten out of control this quick. Submerged rail tracks, roads and the entire transportation system has been partly paralyzed. Why did it happen? A deep depression, in the Bay of Bengal, is believed to be the primary reason for these incessant rains . It has thrown life out of gear for most of the people. If this is the condition of the most developed city in this state, one could imagine what kind of a fate the rural population must be subjected to.

Why hasn't the government taken effective measures to combat this situation when its not something that was not expected. Don't you remember the rains of 2005 (Thanks to those rains, our 3rd semester exams were postponed). This picture was taken back then.

That's my college - Thangavelu Engineering College,Chennai.

Jokes apart!! This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed asap. The government which is supposed to be implementing the so called "disaster relief" plans is happier drafting out proposals to ask the central government for funds(god knows where these funds go)
I had to go to pay my phone bill, but with the terrible condition of the road decided to pay the fine than get into trouble even though the rains stopped for some time. Reason being the roads which have been submerged in water and the uneven pot holes which could result in an accident on a bright sunny day, leave alone a rainy day.

Just blaming the government will not do though, we need to take initiative!!! How, that's for you to decide.


Philip Kingsley said...

you have any more pics?

Pushpit said...

If u are talking about the photos take in TEC.. No
Otherwise I do have a few more pics showing the damage the rain has caused!!!

Aslam said...

hmmm.. Well.. actually you cant really find out too many differences between TEC or any other submerged place... all look equally pathetic..!

Vinay said...

and why on earth did they have to call it Nisha??